27.5 C | Tiruvannamalai
Girivalam Date JULY 27, 1.50 AM

About Athena

The common components across cultures are symbols & values . All cultures include symbols which confer meanings to things and events. These symbols are expressed through what we call language. Language conveys the beliefs and values of a culture. Athena will describe the Indian culture with care. Athena is the best destination to revive your thrust of experiencing the culture. Located in one of the most venerated places in Tamil Nadu.

The temple town of Tiruvannamalai one of the most ancient heritage sites of India and is a center of the Saiva religion. The Arunachala hill and its environs have been held in great regard by the Tamils for centuries. Athena is about 2 km’s from Arunachaleshwarar temple and a walking distance from Mount Arunachala and Ramanashramam. Athena offers a great blend of peace and culture